2020 COVID 19 Annual Implementation Plan and School Strategic Plan 2019-2023



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For the most up to date information in the Department of Education Program for Students with Disabilities go to:

This website will assist you in finding your designated neighbourhood school DNS

Further information about the Program for Students with Disabilities [PSD] can be found on the DET's website.

Please contact Sarah Testa with enrolment enquiries. Sarah will add your information to the database for future students in the year your child will start school. Sarah will ask for information about your child and their age including asking some screening questions to determine if you should progress down the track of apply for PSD – ASD funding with Western Autistic School as a preference].




External Helplines

 Beyond Blue Covid-19 Helpline 1800 512 348

Reach Out is an online platform and their website is:

Lifeline 13 11 14


Links to policy below;

Department of Education and Training Victoria Schools’ Privacy Policy

Head to the Our School tab for the Statement of Values and School Philosophy Policy

Head to the Students tab for further detail about our Commitment to Child Safety and the following 3 policies;

ChildSafeStandard_Code of Conduct Western Autistic School 201211

Western Autistic School Child Safety Policy

Child Safety Responding and Reporting Obligations Policy [including Mandatory Reporting] and

Duty of Care Policy.