Consulting Students

Western Autistic School established a Junior School Council in 2015. At WAS we value our students opinion and want to ensure they are involved in their own learning, and can contribute meaningfully to school events and curriculum.

Over the past three years the Junior School Council have suggested and voted on a range of school events including movie days, dress-up days, discos, footy days, and colouring competitions. In addition to voting on events the Junior School Council have actively contributed to the development and distribution of posters and newsletters to parents, making announcements to the whole school and at school events, welcoming parents and visitors to the school, and raising money for school resources such new books for the library and some new dress-up costumes. In 2017 the Junior School Council held a drawing competition with two students selected to have the drawing printed on a cushion to brighten up the Laverton campus Parent Hub.

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